Thresholds at Doorways

Maximum threshold height: ½” (3/4″ at exterior sliding doors)

Raised thresholds and floor level changes shall be beveled with a slope no greater than 1:2.

Alterations/Existing Conditions:
If existing thresholds are ¾” high maximum, and have (or are modified to have) a beveled edge on each side, they may remain.

Door Hardware

Handles, pulls, latches, locks, and other operating devices shall have a shape that is easy to grasp with one hand and does not require tight grasping, tight pinching, or twisting of the wrist to operate.

Lever operated mechanisms, push-type mechanisms, and U-shaped handles are acceptable designs.
When sliding doors are fully open, operating hardware shall be exposed and usable from both sides.
Hardware required for passage shall be mounted no higher than 48″ above finished floor.

Door Closers

If a door has a closer, then the sweep period of the closer shall be adjusted so that from an open position of 70 degrees, the door will take at least 3 seconds to move to a point 3″ from the latch, measured to the leading edge of the door.

Door Opening Force

The maximum force for pushing or pulling open a door shall be as follows:

  1. Fire doors shall the minimum opening force allowable by the appropriate administrative authority.
  2. Other doors
    1. Exterior hinged doors: (No requirement at this time)
    2. Interior hinged doors: 5 lbf.
    3. Sliding or folding doors: 5 lbf.

Please note that ADA leaves considerable room for interpretation. Careful thought should be given.